The next home!

Thanks for arriving our home.
We feel this place safe, like our mother’s womb.
Yes, all these days we were living in a thoughtful mind,
Without a figure, a form and rhymes to bind
And thus we, the words, all evolve forming these
Lines that melt in mind like cheese
As you read us, sing us, think about us
Contemplate and tune yourself in us!
You may read us when
you listen to Beethoven!
Let those fine music aid you
Making you light and pure like the morning dew.
With music we form a coherent pattern
And make ourselves as artistic as a Grecian urn.
We don’t fight with each other, instead we all adjust
And thus we make our living calm and just.
As we all have arrived from the same place,
The same dimensionless point of thought as our base.
With love and not letting the anger to roam
Humans too could form a great poem
So artistic, so coherent, so much musical in kind!
Now, we are honored for having read us
And for having felt us in your inner mind!


5 responses to “The next home!

  1. This poem has been expressed by the poem itself (recursive). I mean, words are talking to the readers about how they form a poem. It says humans too can form a poem like words with a true understanding with each other.
    Also, like words, we, the humans or any organism for that matter, come from an entity, that shouldn’t be concluded or restricted with a personal god. Instead, lets enjoy the poetic voyage of contemplating!

  2. nice one 🙂

  3. Thanks, Priyank!
    A “Nice one” makes these words happy 😀

  4. hey vijay, srini@iisc here.. got to know of your blog thru ankur.. brilliant usage of words (esp. tamil) and some nice thoughts 🙂 keep it going..

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