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Sometimes I’m speechless!

A part of the brain is responsible
For converting intense emotions and such
Into and creating art within,
Combined with music unseen.
How wasteful this knowledge is now
On all the facts about this organ,
All reasons and rational control of mind
Turning utterly meaningless.
I stay bewildered deep down
Feel pleasant nevertheless.
And thus when you are around,
Helpless I, become speechless!


The enormity in romance!

Out of nothing it has formed –
The universe!
The enormity of quantum fluctuations
Of minute things
That even a powerful mind can’t concieve,
Has had in its sleeves
An unfathomable infinite.
What may appear trivial and nothing,
Can resonate with such a glory
And flash a dark space with lives
And laughter, and lovely smiles and kisses…
Percieved now is such an enormity;
A million flashes in an instant,
Frozen thoughts, a bewildered soul,
A musical note and senses lit
With tender breeze and roses
Dancing in trance, along with
Your fragrance!

I’m lucky!

Among the millions of stars
I use to ponder upon
In the dark night skies,
I smell roses that sprout
With glory and mystic beauty
That can even melt a dead bark
In a while…
My life, can just be a flash,
Among the billions of years
The earth has lived.
In the outer space, a passerby,
Who has escaped time may pity upon it.
Yet, in this one little life time,
In this tiny planet of a huge universe,
How lucky I am
To get the glimpse of your eyes!

While listening to Beethoven…

Arises in the classic age, the Beethoven;
So, poked are the nerves now and then.
Watching which with vigor
The blood boils unconditionally,
While wears out the weakened mask
Of the coiled soul – and it,
The soul, stretches towards infinity!
The disturbed mind is now stirred,
Knows not any conventions,
For it has sunk in art;
The mystic ocean; the evolved eternity!
Relieves itself, the self, towards a world
That has lost all the gathering people,
While stamping out tainted beleifs
Attaining, with innocence, sanity!

What else could matter?

“What’s running in your mind, my boy,
As you constantly look up the empty sky?
Do you feel insecure,
Looking at the mirror of life
Thats obsure?
Whatever you feel you utter,
And doesn’t it make your living bitter,
For the people around aren’t the same
In this life’s unfair game?
When the innocence is crushed, one is terrified,
And to become corrupt becomes a natural resort!
Do you conclude in this evening,
That to learn to manipulate is the art of living?”

“Those tunes of violin are being played,
To let my thoughts not to go astray.
Untouched, my every characteristic
Will dwell in those refelctions of music!
And those mighty rhythms gently spin across,
Swaying, soothing all the deep scars,
Causing in my heart a profound pleasure,
And making my life; this art is a treasure!
You’re right, you know me better,
And yes, whatever I feel I utter,
Whether it will gain me a living doesn’t matter,
For the music completes me, however!
I am here not to manipulate but to contemplate
And to remain innocent is to remain in love,
And everything in front becomes a wow!”
So he spoke, with his senses that evolved
As he stood, watching the empty sky in awe!

Leads the guitar…

Kissing the strings, the plectrum,
Picks up notes that are disturbed
Yet calm, enlightened and depressed.
And gently reflects the lonely darkness
Of the ears-filling silent night.
Flow those emotions, like an endless river,
As innocent as a smile of an infant
Yet lacks not a profound effect at every instant!
Being drowned in the pain of life,
The slender fingers slide across
And weeps the mind without a pause,
Through tears that stagnate at the edge of the eyes!
The rhythmic waves fill the room,
With misery of an unknown pleasure,
And pricks the heart
Swallowing it with empty holes
Expressing all disappointments that are stored!
And stories that are untold!
The fixed eyes perceives nothing in its periphery
And sitting still numbs my body.
“What is so worth in life to be lived for?”
I ask “and whom do I play for?”.
Consoling, weeps along… my sweet guitar!

To hug you, my dear Earth!

I regret for I couldn’t stretch my arms
Sufficiently to hug you my dear Earth.
You spoke to me with tweets
Of morning humming birds
That circulated around tiny flowers
Which embellished the tender tips of plants and tress
Along with weird buzz of wandering honey bees.
You looked at me with the exquisite eyes
Of beautiful women imbuing my soul
With voluptuous sketches, showing me the artistic world!
You would shoulder my mother with care
For me to feel her cozy warmth
And smiled, when my sleepy eyes swayed
For her lullabies.
You made me kiss you breathlessly,
When I was provided with heavenly beauties
That decorated your stretched shaped body.

As I drown in you,
I wish to write a solemn song
To celebrate my pleasure with music and poetry.
But I couldn’t!
Having lost the tranquility
My mental faculties were tainted
With poisonous sadness of disappointments.
Unable to instigate the numbed mind of mine
I regret now in the darkness!
You bring me stars that shimmer
And a delicate moon that shines like a pearl,
With cold breezy winds that murmur
To console me.
Yet I regret, in the depth of loneliness,
For I couldn’t stretch my arms sufficiently
To hug you, my dear Earth!