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The living!

Crossing a deep valley,
Savoring the winds music merrily
High on the mountains,
I stand forgetting the pains
In my limbs, in my ribs
And in my heavy heart beats.
While feathers dance with delight,
My thoughts go light
As I watch them passing by
Along with loving birds flying high.
Those chirping birds!
What a romantic ballet they exhibit!
With all the fires in them getting lit!
No confusions, no regrets,
But only a grand fusion of frets.
On the moist lands I see my feet engraving.
And I know its worth the crossing.

“The romance in working hard in things we are interested in,
like what a musician, a mathematician, a trekker, a sportsman, a philosopher would do”


The trek we had

I know I’m asleep on my old bed in my room,
Feeling the warmth around, I hear a noisy auto’s boom.
My legs are almost numb and my ears are chill.
And I just get up sitting still.
Things around are different as I can see.
Having puzzled, I look for that one huge tree.
Its not here yet! I look through,
Turning around and around, yet no clue!
Trains of thoughts follow without a break.
Making me realize I am just back from a trek.
Those images of serene beauty comes across my eyes,
And I still remember how I was followed by hissing flies.
As my mind rap with me, with morning clock that chimes,
I remember those lines I wrote, those rhymes.
“Its about to sun rise.
And so we take the path of our choice.
Sure, the path shows us the meaning of steep,
Towards the forests that are thick and deep.
We as a crew count to six.
Haven’t got enough warmth from burning twigs,
We have spent a night in stinging cold,
That can’t be eliminated even with tonnes of gold.
And so tired are we, as we can feel.
Yet happy with romantic flowers that heal.
We walk across the little shrubs and gigantic trees,
Listening to merry morning ballet of the hissing honey bees.
Sure the path takes us miles across,
Making us breath the fresh air as we pass.
In the calm wind, like all those dreams I have,
I can hear none but myself saying a wow.
I see the sun between the ocean of leaves,
With golden rays emerging from its sleeves,
That glorifies the glorifying nature.
Making it a wonderful feast to savor!”