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Living in melancholy!

His heart throbs with pain,
As he walks down the lane.
He cries within himself, in silence
An awkward emptiness grips his every sense.
A strange melancholy follows his ears,
Cold breeze chills down his cheeks through tears.
While he treads, dry leaves, fallen twigs
Mighty little ants marching over pebbles – and
Every small speck on the road, carefully he could see.
He kneels down on a huge rock, reaching for the sea.
The beautiful sunset turns the water gold
Withdrawing its rays from earth’s every fold.
Darkness engulfs him and his limbs numb.
And gently a sea-bird with its beak touches his thumb.
He then turns, realizes where he is.
He bends down having lost all his bliss.
Leaving his chin, his tears float away
With the wind across the waves that sway.
After learning about his brother whom he avenged
For killing his parents and his entire clan,
Knowing the truth he becomes enraged,
As all of it were village heads master plan.
The truth is, “his brother was ordered to massacre
Else they would do so, with a war of extra torture
Being helpless, his brother took the soul of the dear ones
Without a word, doing it all at once!
But his brother couldn’t kill dear him!”
Slowly, he looks up the dark sky
Now the shimmering stars seem to dim
In between the black clouds passing nearby.
He then turns
As he walks back, his heart throbs
Again and again with pain!
Those melancholy in his heart regain
Since he killed his dear brother
Unaware of the nasty conspire.
The tears make his cheeks go chill
And yes, he is crying still!