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Love & love only

“For love to be pure
Love is to be free
Let’s not marry!”
To him, she has said.

“Is it not un-sacred?”

“Lost is the beauty when constrained
Ugly to live when happiness drain
We’ll tolerate, compromise
We’ll then disdain”

“To have sex we should oblige
Must marry for people to recognize
Our living and our bonding!”

“Let’s have sex!
Rules are made to break not to abide
Oh dear you! Throw them aside!
We’ll live longer and happier
Than if we promise and register.
We’ll love our children
For the sake of our love
But not for any ritual vow!
Stamp not the respect for maturity
With the traditional insanity
Tasting me, in love, you drown
And with useless guilt
Don’t you frown!”
Saying so she lets the love
To roll down her eyes,
And elegantly she smiles.