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The tune of loneliness!

He leaves his home from his village
To have a swim across the sea.
“Come home soon kid, at least before the sunset!”
Says his mother.
Nodding his head, he walks on the muddy path
Towards the sea reaching for the waves.
Taking a deep breath he feels every bubble
Of the froth, kneeling down on the shores.
Something unusual makes his heart
To be pulled towards the emptiness
In his body, above the stomach.
Quite strange, as he feels.
Ignoring the awkwardness,
Ignoring his own self,
He gets lost in the mighty rhythms of waves.
The sea is soft and warm
And he begins to swim
Enjoying the joy of waves.
Unknowingly he closes his eyes
As he feels the waves at the depth of his heart!
The waves cuddle him
Swaying his body in space
And his thoughts in time!
Yes, his thoughts sway and dance too
As this reminds him the sweet lullabies of his mothers.
Like a mother taking her child towards her
To feed, to feel and
To explain the coziness,
The sea takes him towards itself!
As he loses himself getting to the seabed
Having suffocated, he wakes up all of a sudden
And he reaches for the surface.
He then looks around and wonders
As his eyes have got a glimpse of something bright.
Again swimming back, he reaches for the bed.
That’s when he notices
Marvelous sculptures, the corals
Violet, luminous and invaluable.
Taking it back he swims
To the shore with all splendid joy
Taking him to the cloud nine,
As he can make his mother happy,
As it can alleviate his family’s misery and
As it can fetch some fortune. Thinks he!
Like an innocent lamb enjoying its run
Like a starving man eating his bun
Like a young bird enjoying its flight
He goes back home with all life’s delight
Only to see a black dust
Around his little hut, the little park on the side
The houses nearby and the entire village!
He looks for his mother and others
Wandering around, shouting
“Is there anybody out there!”
Sobbing deeply, a while after, finally
He sees the soft hand of hers
Out of the rubble reaching for the sky.
Squatting down resting her palm on his knees
Gently, he keeps his cheek on it.
He is all alone now!
The emptiness in him slowly grows
Inhaling his heart, his thoughts, his emotions
Taking his entire body into the land of darkness.
Out of nowhere his mind gets into the heart of mine
Leaving me experience him as a whole
As I listen to those tunes, I experience
His pain of loneliness!
The tunes of “Is there anybody out there!”