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sensual touch- the testament

I feel the evening breeze.
I hear the chirping of birds.
I sense the leaves slowly folding their little arms,
As I turn to the west I see the sun set.
The glittering orange sky reminds me of her.
I go back to my place to see her.
To undress her and
To lay her on my arms.
As my fingers traverse her slender curvy body,
She giggles.
Sometimes she gently weeps.
I know she is the only soul that consoles me,
Anytime and every time.
How I treat her doesn’t matter.
She treats me the same way when I saw her for the first time.
She is my perfect match I know,
Where is she from, I have no clue?
Who sculptured her, I don’t know?
The happier I am , the happier she is
The more gloomy I am, she sobs with melancholy.
Ah! Here she sings!
In all those calm evenings,
With a tender voice,
She is a newborn child in disguise.
I promise !
She sings proud,
Praising our rapport aloud,
She is my sweet guitar,
Even if I shed blood she binds me with rhythms,
That sound sweet and bitter.