Endless rhythms…

With passing many facets
What prevails in the end
“What had mattered so far?”

Daunting dilemmas
Missed out experiences,
Dominated with certain laws,
I remain Breathless!

Formless – flexible but not fearless.
Could grow, but would I get
Over emotional lapses? Spirited yet

Need to be strong like a wood
To bear every senseless “good”
And should I swim Or just float

Along with perseverance
Develops a stealthy indifference.
Bored out, childish goals turn

What would matter is unkown – and
What’s worthy is sanity of one’s own!
To accept to ignore bliss is to remain

The chiselled boat moves with a wake
Slicing the current, and I’m awake
To watch the heedless ripples
To become dauntless!


The Hip Hop Outrage!

Felt the beat,
Knelt down yesterday!
The never tiring feet
Long for it today!

Am I under tow?
I wonder, but no
Yet being dragged,
With no streams I row!

Never letting it go,
All the time I say, Yo!
Wanna dance more,
So, will tell my every move!

In life’s regular parade,
The hip hop is an escapade!
The time may freeze,
Yet we will move ahead!

While listening to Beethoven…

Arises in the classic age, the Beethoven;
So, poked are the nerves now and then.
Watching which with vigor
The blood boils unconditionally,
While wears out the weakened mask
Of the coiled soul – and it,
The soul, stretches towards infinity!
The disturbed mind is now stirred,
Knows not any conventions,
For it has sunk in art;
The mystic ocean; the evolved eternity!
Relieves itself, the self, towards a world
That has lost all the gathering people,
While stamping out tainted beleifs
Attaining, with innocence, sanity!

The horrid nature!

As I shout in the deep forest,
The urging blood stops not,
Blast open all pipes
And all souls rot!
As the cats roar,
The nails feel the pain of scratches!
And are torn the ears with owls’ screeches!
Lightenings cast thunder
Upon the heart that chases its rest atlast,
And tremble the nerves in aghast!
A cutter made in hell, slaughters
The pulsating throat; tastes the tongue,
Swollen, the blood thats sour,
And the eyes watch the flooding gore!
Curling up, the body goes compact,
Making the dark mud a bloody dough.
While the fiery soul resist to slumber,
Yet a horrible play is conducted by nature
To make itself consistent with the laws;
Pressing alas!
“Bitter life wasn’t any better
And so is the death in fear
Born to savor the dark
And now the dot!”
Saying so the dulled mind,
With its own voice,
Drowns in a lifeless bark!
Who says so that the nature is merciful?

கொல்லப்படும் விவசாயிகள்

பயிர் வளர்க்கப் பயின்றான்
உழுதான் தன் நிலத்தை
உயிர்ப்பாசத்தோடு ஏர்க்கொண்டு
உரமிட்டு பொற்சித்திரையில்…

எண்ணெயிட்டு திரியேற்றினாள் அவன்
மனையாள் – எதிர்ப்பார்த்து
எண்ணமிட்டச் சுடரொளியை தந்துஅது
மகிழ்வித்தது பிரகாசத்தோடு…

மேகங்கள் நகரவே கால்நடையோடு
காலமுங் கழிந்தது – அவன்மனமோ
சோகங்கள் தீருமென்றே மாவரிசி
கோலம்போல் நெளிந்தது அறுவடைக்காக…

பண்ணோடு பண்பட்ட பயிரது
தந்தது நற்விளைச்சலை அதையவன்
கண்ணோடு ஒற்றிக் கொள்ளவே
வந்தது துளிக்கண்ணிர் ஆனந்தச்சொட்டோடு…

சந்தைக்குச் சென்றான் செல்வம் பார்க்க
வறுமைத் தொடைக்க வளர!
விந்தை மனிதர் சட்டம் செய்தாராம்
இறக்குமதியா மாதலால் விலைச்சரிவாம்!

முதலுக்கு ஈடில்லாமல் முதலை
வாயில் தவளை ஆனான்
பதிலுக்கு கண்டான் கயிற்றை
ஓர்த்தருவாயில் மாண்டான் மனைவியோடு…
கர்நாடகத்தில் மனவள்ளி கிராமத்தில் நடந்த ஓர் உண்மை சம்பவம் அடிப்படையில் எழுதப்பட்டது.

The passionate peacock

Expanding its feather, outrageously it runs,
The peacock!
The spirit of sexuality sprouts as it rains,
And ticks the clock!
The merciless time will always be short-lived
As finite as the limited wings,
Either can protect those feverishly exposed,
Or attract the hens in the surroundings!

The outlook grows competing the horizon,
And fervent are the eyes; the orange sun;
The tides of blood wait for none,
And flows in the present, the past undone!
The head spins, and as it bends
Tilts its spread.
As downpour beats, now ready to dance,
Its feet are widespread!

The veins engulf the half closed eyes.
And lightens a thunder from all skies!
Throbs the cock’s heart with drummed nerves;
And grows its skin red, as it cries!
The mud splashes all over!
And lit is the wet ground
With raging orbs of fire!
After all, for what does it desire?

The melody in melancholy…

The pain lingers as ever,
As I walk down the lonely road
The music I bear in my heart
Is further deeper!

The mask I wore is engulfed,
A life that’s bright and broader
Is being shown with the sunshine
And stops to weep the mind of mine!

Sparkles the pure dew, glimmering,
As I look around, breathing the breeze
Of the after-rain moist air.
And gets washed away my every greasy despair!

“What is it to be strong?”
I wonder at times.
To bear all wounds,
Yet to walk straight is the bottom line!