Monthly Archives: January 2014

The caste system

Caste, caste, caste!
Don’t you utter these words,
They are tabooed and those who
Talk about it are bullied.

When made to watch an entire world
Hopeful about humanity through
The internet connectivity, the
Upper class repeat its enslaving activity.

Educated they say, hold degrees
So that others would envy or obey,
Practice with rituals the art
To bury their guilt everyday!

More than ever, the progress of science is enormous
Yet fails to stop the traditional acts of stupidity.
Among the intelligentia, there are morons who follow
Godmen, astrologers, seeking a pseudo-scientific serendipity.

Their token of excuse is the word “Culture”,
A series of inhuman behavior of the medieval times,
That’s being redefined by crooks forever –
The herd of hynas with a laughter always have a master.

Reservations once obtained
After many uprising
Isn’t strong enough yet to uplift
The innocent from the abyss of dearth.

So, when humans mitigate the obvious hurdles
For a better future of the planet earth,
The vulnerable souls should be taught to tackle
The ruthless slyness of many in their lives’ girth!