Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sometimes I’m speechless!

A part of the brain is responsible
For converting intense emotions and such
Into and creating art within,
Combined with music unseen.
How wasteful this knowledge is now
On all the facts about this organ,
All reasons and rational control of mind
Turning utterly meaningless.
I stay bewildered deep down
Feel pleasant nevertheless.
And thus when you are around,
Helpless I, become speechless!


The enormity in romance!

Out of nothing it has formed –
The universe!
The enormity of quantum fluctuations
Of minute things
That even a powerful mind can’t concieve,
Has had in its sleeves
An unfathomable infinite.
What may appear trivial and nothing,
Can resonate with such a glory
And flash a dark space with lives
And laughter, and lovely smiles and kisses…
Percieved now is such an enormity;
A million flashes in an instant,
Frozen thoughts, a bewildered soul,
A musical note and senses lit
With tender breeze and roses
Dancing in trance, along with
Your fragrance!

I’m lucky!

Among the millions of stars
I use to ponder upon
In the dark night skies,
I smell roses that sprout
With glory and mystic beauty
That can even melt a dead bark
In a while…
My life, can just be a flash,
Among the billions of years
The earth has lived.
In the outer space, a passerby,
Who has escaped time may pity upon it.
Yet, in this one little life time,
In this tiny planet of a huge universe,
How lucky I am
To get the glimpse of your eyes!