Monthly Archives: March 2012

So what if the world moves on!

What if the moments surround
And never let me turn around?
This isn’t weakness!
Distracting with the mask it has put on,
In the name of obligations
The world may roll on,
Crushing the emotions!
Yet, the glimpse of art, the acknowledgement
Of my own self, the beat in the heart
Shall never be ignored!
I sing, tuning with the wind
That keeps the leaves swaying;
No ones there to listen
Or to dance for what I’m playing;
Yet, what have I found in this melody?
The stars shimmer all night
And never shed bright light
Yet it makes the night sky
To stay in delight!
What consoles the mind
That dwells in melancholy
Is the humming that can never be heard,
Bringing along a living for this moment,
Making a human, a bard!