Endless rhythms…

With passing many facets
What prevails in the end
“What had mattered so far?”

Daunting dilemmas
Missed out experiences,
Dominated with certain laws,
I remain Breathless!

Formless – flexible but not fearless.
Could grow, but would I get
Over emotional lapses? Spirited yet

Need to be strong like a wood
To bear every senseless “good”
And should I swim Or just float

Along with perseverance
Develops a stealthy indifference.
Bored out, childish goals turn

What would matter is unkown – and
What’s worthy is sanity of one’s own!
To accept to ignore bliss is to remain

The chiselled boat moves with a wake
Slicing the current, and I’m awake
To watch the heedless ripples
To become dauntless!


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