The horrid nature!

As I shout in the deep forest,
The urging blood stops not,
Blast open all pipes
And all souls rot!
As the cats roar,
The nails feel the pain of scratches!
And are torn the ears with owls’ screeches!
Lightenings cast thunder
Upon the heart that chases its rest atlast,
And tremble the nerves in aghast!
A cutter made in hell, slaughters
The pulsating throat; tastes the tongue,
Swollen, the blood thats sour,
And the eyes watch the flooding gore!
Curling up, the body goes compact,
Making the dark mud a bloody dough.
While the fiery soul resist to slumber,
Yet a horrible play is conducted by nature
To make itself consistent with the laws;
Pressing alas!
“Bitter life wasn’t any better
And so is the death in fear
Born to savor the dark
And now the dot!”
Saying so the dulled mind,
With its own voice,
Drowns in a lifeless bark!
Who says so that the nature is merciful?


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