The passionate peacock

Expanding its feather, outrageously it runs,
The peacock!
The spirit of sexuality sprouts as it rains,
And ticks the clock!
The merciless time will always be short-lived
As finite as the limited wings,
Either can protect those feverishly exposed,
Or attract the hens in the surroundings!

The outlook grows competing the horizon,
And fervent are the eyes; the orange sun;
The tides of blood wait for none,
And flows in the present, the past undone!
The head spins, and as it bends
Tilts its spread.
As downpour beats, now ready to dance,
Its feet are widespread!

The veins engulf the half closed eyes.
And lightens a thunder from all skies!
Throbs the cock’s heart with drummed nerves;
And grows its skin red, as it cries!
The mud splashes all over!
And lit is the wet ground
With raging orbs of fire!
After all, for what does it desire?


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