Leads the guitar…

Kissing the strings, the plectrum,
Picks up notes that are disturbed
Yet calm, enlightened and depressed.
And gently reflects the lonely darkness
Of the ears-filling silent night.
Flow those emotions, like an endless river,
As innocent as a smile of an infant
Yet lacks not a profound effect at every instant!
Being drowned in the pain of life,
The slender fingers slide across
And weeps the mind without a pause,
Through tears that stagnate at the edge of the eyes!
The rhythmic waves fill the room,
With misery of an unknown pleasure,
And pricks the heart
Swallowing it with empty holes
Expressing all disappointments that are stored!
And stories that are untold!
The fixed eyes perceives nothing in its periphery
And sitting still numbs my body.
“What is so worth in life to be lived for?”
I ask “and whom do I play for?”.
Consoling, weeps along… my sweet guitar!


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