A life of poetry

Glittered the tender leaves of mangoes
In the golden evening sunlight
And his corrupted thoughts purified,
Traversing across the horizon straight!
The orb in him sprouted
Brought the poet outside.
And lit were his senses,
As beauties gathered to guide!
Innocently awed at beauties’ smiles,
And found them not to be empty,
For now the droning bee drowned
Swaying in the ocean of honey!
Rebelled his sword with words,
To fight the dogmas of atrocities!
And feared not to walk in his path
Even if he were blamed to have lost morality!
He wished for a clear vision, almost wept,
Whenever dusty wind surrounded.
But, her thirst-quenching memories
Cheered him with joy that was unbounded!
“Lose not my dear, Your senses.
And not be troubled with fear”
Said her eyes that could invoke poems
And inspire!
And thus he realized,
A life of romance and poetry
Could never succumb to any hunger,
For it would always taste the love
That would ever be fair and tender!


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