To hug you, my dear Earth!

I regret for I couldn’t stretch my arms
Sufficiently to hug you my dear Earth.
You spoke to me with tweets
Of morning humming birds
That circulated around tiny flowers
Which embellished the tender tips of plants and tress
Along with weird buzz of wandering honey bees.
You looked at me with the exquisite eyes
Of beautiful women imbuing my soul
With voluptuous sketches, showing me the artistic world!
You would shoulder my mother with care
For me to feel her cozy warmth
And smiled, when my sleepy eyes swayed
For her lullabies.
You made me kiss you breathlessly,
When I was provided with heavenly beauties
That decorated your stretched shaped body.

As I drown in you,
I wish to write a solemn song
To celebrate my pleasure with music and poetry.
But I couldn’t!
Having lost the tranquility
My mental faculties were tainted
With poisonous sadness of disappointments.
Unable to instigate the numbed mind of mine
I regret now in the darkness!
You bring me stars that shimmer
And a delicate moon that shines like a pearl,
With cold breezy winds that murmur
To console me.
Yet I regret, in the depth of loneliness,
For I couldn’t stretch my arms sufficiently
To hug you, my dear Earth!


2 responses to “To hug you, my dear Earth!

  1. Very lovely poem.

    The Earth would have been perfect without the rapacious, selfish people inhabiting it.

  2. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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