The sweet tongued girl

“Oh poor dear,
Don’t you fear
For its just a mug of beer”
Said the sweet tongued girl to him.

“There is alcohol!
And can we take the toll?
It sounds against our culture,
Has no moral either!”

“Being not carried away
With prevailing prejudices
A girl can have her own way,
And stamp out all nuisances;
I know its influence for
I have an educated taste for it!”
Paused and smiled
“There is nothing immoral” she said.

“May be you are right
As I cling on to general mindset”

“Don’t you feel sorry. I’m near you,
Sitting right here.
Look at me and let loose the beliefs
Tasting the beer!”
Together they partied then, with cheer.

The author thanks Rudyard Kipling, for in one of his stories it is said, “He was a wanderer and a vagabond like myself, but with an educated taste for whisky”


3 responses to “The sweet tongued girl

  1. Machi… This particular beer sounds just like you 😉

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