The sleepless!

“Don’t stop your emotions again
Thinking you may get a personal gain
Else consider enduring ever growing pain.
Express everything in your art
Although if the toll is enormous and a lot
Although if it leaves the heart like a broken pot!”

“With shattered mind I feel dizzy
Regrets and pain make me go crazy – I wish
I have never had this art, for my life would be easy.
People ignore thinking I talk more
Misery engulfs therefore
Suggests my mind to stop writing evermore!”

“You stand alone, smoke and cry
Fail those words whenever you try
Hence you think, all happiness deprive!
Look there! Calls the guitar to console,
Cling on to it and let your days roll,
Near it and don’t you forget to behold!”

“I do. Every note tells I dote.
I have seen not norms on a written note
In these conventions I cannot further float!
I move on, yet I feel sick
All pains artistically prick
My heart, when another one I search to pick!”

“To be ignored and not revered
Is a bitter gift for your beard
Which is not to be feared.
For you, I feel sorry
I can resolve not your worry
Completely, for I’m not your fairy!”

“From my very life I know,
Before to be prepared for a new
Better to be ready for every no.
Along every empty days trace
Mere darkness embrace
Now let me sleep in craze – For
Having lost the peace and the shine on my face!”

The poet talks to an illusion that fails to console him his regrets for having written something!


5 responses to “The sleepless!

  1. We can influence with words. No regret.

  2. lovely.. thanks for sharing! here’s mine for this thursday..

  3. Thingy, words fail with poor readership!

  4. our words no matter how we write and what we write…no one should judge it for us…i in person shall never regret writing 🙂 🙂

  5. words are powerful…
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    Your poetry rocks!
    Keep Writing, Happy 2011!

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