As a human…

Utter not a word about your God
For in it I do not believe.
Better not the world with the belief enrolled
For it does not let people live.

You negate all emotions as to you they are mere sins
In them have you ever seen a beauty?
Your nuisances insult the heavenly taste of senses,
For which wouldn’t I pity?

Like in our days, back in the past as well,
Fools roamed around with a holy bell.
Don’t you fall for their delusions
And pass the folly onto the forthcoming generations.

With whole heart enjoy every art
And stop not with religion.
Drain your dirt, savoring this beauty-plot
The earth. And torch your scorn.

Take me not with light and die in blight
For I am here to help.
Let loose your dogma – breakdown this accidental coma
Think, realize and with cheer stand up!


2 responses to “As a human…

  1. Exactly my thoughts. You have a beautiful mind 🙂

  2. As beautiful as yours may be. 😛

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