Upon all things I see, I dread,
Along the lonely path I tread.
Many things pollute my sense
Engulfing my life’s essence
I know I’m corrupt now,
And it sickens me somehow
There is no romance, light and delight
And in dark I look for love.
Your cozy warmth still lingers my mom
Without it I would be dead by now
Yielding to this unconditional harm.
I try to smoke and roll the ball,
Consuming myself I try to escape all.
Hoping the feel of your gentle touch
Will forever stay at all.
I travel without a company
Thinking about you, with words
I try to find within a harmony…
Let me sleep on your lap…
Sing me a lullaby,
While I look at the starring dark sky,
And don’t you say good-bye
As I’m getting high!


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