The poet within!

As the smoke evade and diffuse
With dance and delight and with tunes,
The poet within, springs forth
With laments and laughter they travel – both
The smoke and the poet, with gentle swirls,
Away from him towards somewhere else.
Like snake they creep
On branches of trees that leap
They lie on still leaves
And disappear in calm breeze.
Beauty in senses, guides the poet
That’s romantic, pure and quiet.
In the gleams of golden sunlight
He feels cold of excited delight
Watching their fair play,
He calls it a fine day.
Is the poet considerate?
Or is the beauty verily consolidate?
Poetic view on beauty is a mysterious tendency,
Which by itself a beauty and among fantasies a fantasy.


2 responses to “The poet within!

  1. Well, thank you little miss human being. 🙂

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