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The poet of her!

The poet I know, writes in joy,
As her eyes kiss each of his eye,
As the smile that decorates her face,
Becomes his beauty to embrace!

Finds in her a child,
Innocent, gentle, soft and kind.
And the uttered words of hers,
Breezily swirls around the lighted face of his!

The leaves cheer, rustling,
With the wind, flowers sway, dancing,
Spreading their ever enlightening fragrance,
With a tender charm and elegance!

Who cares what and how does it matter,
For the wondrous world is in her!
Watching her with her tales to tell,
He reaches the land of romance to dwell,
The world of music, beauty and poetry!


Swept away…

Collecting the raw emotions,
With words I form these lines,
After all, emotions are kept alive
Only in poems where I live!

Gathered genuine feelings, like those morning dew,
Scorched, evaporate, called a triviality!
Being stamped out I have no clue,
As how to stay with obligations in reality!

Instincts of survival abandon art,
As every time I near it.
Beyond I’m now considered dead,
For what I shed, isn’t taken to be worthful!

Play those violins of pain,
As my eyes let its dried tears to drain,
The music is now a lament,
The lonely flute causes in… a deep dent!

Is life all about flawed beauties?
Is it a practice to lose merries?
Is it to watch flowers wither,
In the stinging cold,
Beneath the stars that shimmer?
For to imagine in agony is the only better!

In her name…

In the middle of life’s unfair game,
He sees a poem in her beautiful name!
Thinking about her cheerful cheeks,
Sprouting smile from gentle lips,
In the dark, he walks down the lane.
For he has been wounded ever since,
The lonely poor prince,
Use to think his living to be lame.
But now comes across his princess,
Breaking all his painful fences,
Adding beauty to his senses,
An artistic… and musical sugarcane!

She is an art!

All my bitter miseries
Crumble in the light of her dark eyes
How magical and marvelous?
A poem thats sensuous!

Remember my childhood plays
In her lovely smile.
And my mind sways
As I talk with her for a while!

Ask those butterflies
That would sing about the music
Decorated with dancing fireflies
As every happiness multiplies!

Everything around becomes artistic
With herself being an art!
Adds beauty to every characteristic;
Forever I wish, I never depart!

The sweet tongued girl

“Oh poor dear,
Don’t you fear
For its just a mug of beer”
Said the sweet tongued girl to him.

“There is alcohol!
And can we take the toll?
It sounds against our culture,
Has no moral either!”

“Being not carried away
With prevailing prejudices
A girl can have her own way,
And stamp out all nuisances;
I know its influence for
I have an educated taste for it!”
Paused and smiled
“There is nothing immoral” she said.

“May be you are right
As I cling on to general mindset”

“Don’t you feel sorry. I’m near you,
Sitting right here.
Look at me and let loose the beliefs
Tasting the beer!”
Together they partied then, with cheer.

The author thanks Rudyard Kipling, for in one of his stories it is said, “He was a wanderer and a vagabond like myself, but with an educated taste for whisky”

எழிலைக் கொஞ்சும் ஐம்புலன்கள்

மொசார்ட்டோடு மோகங்கொண்டு
பீதோவனோடுப் பிணைந்து
இளையராஜாவின் இசையில் இதயங்கொண்ட
என் செவிகள் வேண்ட
முற்றின நிலா முத்தாகொளிர
வெண்மேகங்கள் விண்மீன்களைத் தீண்டவே
அதைக் கண்டுக்கொண் டென்கண்களும் வேண்டினவே,
மென்காற்றுப் படரச் சிலிர்த்தேயென்
மேனி சிரித்துக் கேட்டனவே – அவ்விரவில்
விரியும் மொட்டோடு வரும் வாச முணரும்மூக்கோடு,
முத்தமிழை முத்தமிட்டு நாவில் சுவைக்க
கலைநயமிக்க வோர்ப்பாடல் வரைந்திடவே!

Love & love only

“For love to be pure
Love is to be free
Let’s not marry!”
To him, she has said.

“Is it not un-sacred?”

“Lost is the beauty when constrained
Ugly to live when happiness drain
We’ll tolerate, compromise
We’ll then disdain”

“To have sex we should oblige
Must marry for people to recognize
Our living and our bonding!”

“Let’s have sex!
Rules are made to break not to abide
Oh dear you! Throw them aside!
We’ll live longer and happier
Than if we promise and register.
We’ll love our children
For the sake of our love
But not for any ritual vow!
Stamp not the respect for maturity
With the traditional insanity
Tasting me, in love, you drown
And with useless guilt
Don’t you frown!”
Saying so she lets the love
To roll down her eyes,
And elegantly she smiles.