The little big talk

Sendhan collects flowers everyday and gives it to the temple while Amudhan is a Mathematician. On a silent day, early in the morning, Amudhan sits on the banks of a river enjoying the mild melodies of flowing stream with whirls, and birds flying with charming dexterity, while Sendhan is chanting “Manthra” within, dipping his head into the river.
He raises his head and sees Amudhan. “Aren’t they beautiful?” he asks.
“Indeed my friend. They are!”.
“Hows your research going?”
“Going… like those clouds passing by,
Sometimes they shed rain and,
At times they make me go dry”
“I like this you know. The thing you people are doing, opening ignorant minds. I like this.”
“Interesting to hear,
As we doubt on things that you fear.
It’s our opinion and we make it a fact,
With logic and evidence intact!”
“But still I’m doing this like a hypocrite, been doin this for nearly three decades. Couldn’t give up you know!”
“All of a sudden, may be hard to give up,
But with shear will, control your own emotions.
Overcome! And with cheer, you’ll stand up!
‘Master your emotions’- says a few of your philosophies themselves!”
“How come you appreciate religious philosophies, changed your mind, or is it changing like mine?”
“I have already torn off the theo (‘sacred’) tag,
And there are also fallacies I ignore.
With time they only lag.
They are mere books
And can’t fool around anymore!”
“I use to make fun of you remember, ‘being a mathematician is of no use’. With pompous feel, I used to pick flowers, thinking I serve the humanity directly. But nothing happens. Now I slowly realize, I’m of no use now.”
“All this you realized already.
Your guts took its time to utter,
And to make your mind calm and steady.
Now don’t you feel sorry and bitter.”
Sendhan, determined, smiles. While Amudhan still looks at the bird, thinking, contemplating may be.


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