The leech world

Two leeches, Udi & Dhudi are relaxing on a couch after having a heavy meal of blood from a trekker passing by.
“Dei* if I talk about some social issues many ask me to go do my work.” Udi uttered suddenly after a pleasant silence. “Yes da*. What’s wrong in that?” asked Dhudi.
“The work we do is for survival da. I agree its important but aren’t we supposed to be curious about things happening around?”
“A few may not find time for all these da”
“Yea at least they can just shut their mouth up and move. Why are they so much bothered about me? I do not want to just survive but live!”
“Dei, I think few more trekkers are coming by. Before we get stamped and die we need to go hide somewhere. Nowadays their blood tastes really worse, I don’t know what these guys eat, junk fellas!”
“I want to live da not merely survive.”
“I agree but now we need to hide. What you say is fine but we do need to take care of our survival at times. We shouldn’t get lost discussing issues, although its important as well, we need to sorta balance both. Ok va?”
“Ok ..Ok..”

*English equivalent – dude


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