Bizarre loop of music

He sees new colors, finds mentally gripped
In life’s unusually new cheer.
And could feel no ever-chasing fear
And none could he hear!
It is silent, musical and profoundly pleasant,
Sitting alone in the deep forest.
Observing complicated life forms around,
He contemplates without a bound!
The leaves, creeping ants, crawling snakes,
Blood sucking, soft and gently-skinned leeches,
Sticking mud and its moist, the waterfalls,
And its unknown random rhythmic noise…
Engross him!
Now he opens the closed eyes.
And Bach’s music ends.
Sitting alone in the dark room, he smiles
Emptily looking at bizarre walls.
Playing the next set of notes,
He sees new colors,
Closing his eyes…
This poem can be read again and again infinitely. It has no ending. You may start reading from “Sitting alone in the dark room, he smiles” line and go to first line (which will explicitly tell you that music takes him mentally to a forest) or you may start reading from the beginning (which will surprise you that he is actually in a dark room).


2 responses to “Bizarre loop of music

  1. An infinte loop .. a dream in a dream in a dream .. ?


  2. @Ramnath: Does not seem to be recursive.

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