Monthly Archives: November 2010

Novel but usual beginning

I look up the dark sky,
Between the black clouds passing by,
I see the moon with all its glory
Of awe and beauty that could make me
Spin and die, getting high!

The golden rays from the marvelous art
Slowly from the world, take me apart
Make me forget many cold empty looks
And the good old dirty scars
That lies deep in the heart!

And the cold winds embrace
Gently nearing nuzzling my face.
They pass by taking with them
My awkward loneliness, empty temptations,
Leaving behind a pleasant trace!

I dance with delight feeling the light
Don’t they have a charming bright?
And I wonder at every thing around
In a profound usual night.
What a hearty delight!

Many clouds do pass so.
And all the daily deeds
come across in a row.
Its time for a novel beginning
Of usual work that I will to do and so, now I go!