Awkward colored sand

Years ago, the lonely island,
Was calm, amidst the huge waves,
Filled with colored lovely sand.
Living on it together, one evening,
He and I were searching for that
One one-colored butterfly, finding it
On heels we started to fly.
After an awkward chase, amidst sorrows
That swallowed each one’s mind,
With only friendship between us to bind,
Separated we were in the unknown place.
Having lost him, I searched for him, turning,
Perching my each eye at time’s every instant
In every object around me. I searched him
In between the gentle blows of wind,
In the beams of fading orange sun,
I looked for my wonderful friend
Dazed and confused wondering where to find.
Going berserk, tearing leaves apart,
Bathing in scorched roasted evening grains
Of sand, in the grains of this mysterious misery of losing joy,
Losing him, I wished if this whole life was just a decoy!
I tried and cried and my life’s every count dried.
“Oh my dear friend!
I’d be looking for you till my life’s very end.
I’m waiting… with that plain butterfly in my right hand
And it feels cold. With rhythmic laments, I’m growing old!”


One response to “Awkward colored sand

  1. I write this for my dear late friend, my beloved Sudeep.

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