The music of death

Sitting inside the silence, with all noise on earth being swallowed up,
Staring at the rays of loneliness with her eyes getting dried up,
With the moon emerging from within smoke rings flowing into her eyes,
Listening to her horrible sorrow, flying around were mere mute flies.

The wind that enjoyed, in her backyard, the childish ballet of every rose
Stood still all of a sudden humming with her untold life’s remorse.
Filling itself with blood from all veins, her heart beat heavily.
Going numb, her soul enjoyed the charm of a grave melancholy.

The beautiful, the adorable, she, the every merry
Was strangled in the hands of horrid, unjust, corrupt mother nature’s fury
As she had lost her charming treasure, her soul, her dear one.
Bending down slowly, gazing at her nipples one by one-
She felt them, being pulled tasted by her child, her dead only son!

The raging coldness of dark emerged making her every bone brittle
And her cold eyes grew darker in the moon light little by little.
Burning itself down, the cigar reached for her tender fingers, spreading its ash,
That touched the depressed and dying mother’s each eye lash!

Without weeping she was seeking death, in despair
While tasting misery, staying inside the still air.


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