When fear grips every nerve…

I walk across a cold desert
Crossing it, I reach for the rocky shores
Of an endless sea, a marvelous art
On which I wish I spread across
Every inch of my body and float
In the starlight, for an infinite amount of time.
Wondering so, I stand still
While my heart feels a bell chime,
Causing a charming momentary thrill.
Its from a temple nearby I realize.
May be born out as a tribute to
The one that sculptured this magnificent art?
May be that one exists, I never know.
Asking myself, what if it exists, closing my eyes
I follow my thought along with the rhythms of waves
That touch my ears, exhibiting a grand opera.
As I go deeper thinking of it, I feel the fear
Of it gripping my every nerve, the fear
Of all waves swallowing me, the fear
Of all rocks crushing the every bone in me, the fear
Of the wind taking me away and burying me in sand,
Engulfing all of my life’s cheer.
I can do nothing but put all faith in it and pray!
How dreadful, this world of torture, this dismay!
How dreadful!


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