Mere Words Although!

I run towards the west
Reaching for the orange sun
That sits in the mountain valley of nest
Ah! The blissful sight! Reaching for it I run
With the “Moments” of life that preoccupy,
As they chase me and my mind,
I run, along with birds that fly
Looking for the serenity, wondering, if I can find?
A while after, the golden streaks disappear
So does the valley, the nest of coziness
With those “Moments” romping around I fear
Will I find the serenity in this world of darkness?
Thats when they arrive through my nerves
Across my heart, shaping my thoughts
With mighty rhythms and gentle swerves
Taking away the preoccupying “Moments”.
Words, mere words they are!
Providing a serene mind that I long for!


2 responses to “Mere Words Although!

  1. This one is great! Probably your best so far!

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