Things around me are calm.
And I move across, feeling warm.
I nuzzle those little birds that are brown,
Sitting still on mangoes, ripened and well grown!
Those birds poke gently on my lips
And into my mouth, they taste like salty chips.
Astoundingly, raging pleasure arise within,
Making me forget the place I stay in.
All I need now is a deep breath,
As it can take me to inner zenith.
A thousands snakes grip me tight,
Engulfing my body, making me delight.
I look above and I see her face,
Filled with all earthly charms that embrace.
I taste her lips that are thin and delicate,
Making her my inexplicably wonderful mate.
Now she sings out of happiness mixed with sweet pain,
Oh! In those merry voice my childhood happiness come again!
Like a musician as he composes,
Like those dancing bees around roses,
I feel her. On her, like a child I play.
With my arms on her bulging buttocks, across I sway.
Oh! Now, we hear those symphony of bittersweet,
We dance naked enjoying each others heat.
As I open my eyes, all of a sudden she disappears,
A while after as I close, again she appears.
I question myself, I know I am scared,
Being puzzled if its good or bad.
She follows me when I go to school,
In class she makes me act like a fool.
I wonder how to live in this world of erotica?
Yet I drown in this mysterious river of exotica!


One response to “Adolescence

  1. good one… intha topic’laye neraya posts ethirpaarkaren.. 😛

    u may lik this related post…

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