The joint adventure

A little bird, that’s just fledged
Suddenly gets its wings unfurled.
As it floats along in the air,
It feels itself lighter than a hair.
Among those little feathers, it moves
Like dancing in a ballet, with swings.
Am I in a romantic paradise?
Why do I roll like a spinning dice?
It questions, laughs and wonders.
The way I feel is similar.
While my aura gets warmer,
All the awkward emptiness in me disappear.
Its pitch dark around.
“Hey a thousand butterflies kissing my stomach?”
I say, to my pals sitting nearby.
“I know, I’m hungry too” one of them says.
So we start, to eat somewhere.
The streets I imagine, as
I read in the stories of Sherlock Holmes,
Reappear across the path.
Is this any magical spell’s aftermath?
Crickets chirp with certain beat,
Sounded like those symphony of bittersweet.
Ah! Here we are, all ready to eat.
To savor the half baked rice,
That are partially fried.
Sure it comes with certain price,
With a mixture of veggies nicely tried!
The smell of it moves across the wind,
Makes the tip of my nose to extend.
What kind of food I have?
I never used to care, but now
I know, I am a tasting connoisseur
While all my four instruments worked to the core,
Making their way for a fine orchestra,
My fifth one- it opened its every pore
And took a deep breath of the aura.
Making my merry mood complete!
I never know what happens after then.
I never really care for anything. But
I know that I am in a wonderful something!
It surely is wonderful something, amusing.
This joint adventure, with my friends.
This endless river called joyous,
Certainly poetic and sensuous!


3 responses to “The joint adventure

  1. well, this about some romantic adventure along with friends…
    may sound a bit abstract for those who cannot understand the subtlety 🙂
    Also four instruments indicate the four senses..

  2. Nice. And I also think its a bit obvious 🙂

  3. whatever… 😉

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