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The tune of loneliness!

He leaves his home from his village
To have a swim across the sea.
“Come home soon kid, at least before the sunset!”
Says his mother.
Nodding his head, he walks on the muddy path
Towards the sea reaching for the waves.
Taking a deep breath he feels every bubble
Of the froth, kneeling down on the shores.
Something unusual makes his heart
To be pulled towards the emptiness
In his body, above the stomach.
Quite strange, as he feels.
Ignoring the awkwardness,
Ignoring his own self,
He gets lost in the mighty rhythms of waves.
The sea is soft and warm
And he begins to swim
Enjoying the joy of waves.
Unknowingly he closes his eyes
As he feels the waves at the depth of his heart!
The waves cuddle him
Swaying his body in space
And his thoughts in time!
Yes, his thoughts sway and dance too
As this reminds him the sweet lullabies of his mothers.
Like a mother taking her child towards her
To feed, to feel and
To explain the coziness,
The sea takes him towards itself!
As he loses himself getting to the seabed
Having suffocated, he wakes up all of a sudden
And he reaches for the surface.
He then looks around and wonders
As his eyes have got a glimpse of something bright.
Again swimming back, he reaches for the bed.
That’s when he notices
Marvelous sculptures, the corals
Violet, luminous and invaluable.
Taking it back he swims
To the shore with all splendid joy
Taking him to the cloud nine,
As he can make his mother happy,
As it can alleviate his family’s misery and
As it can fetch some fortune. Thinks he!
Like an innocent lamb enjoying its run
Like a starving man eating his bun
Like a young bird enjoying its flight
He goes back home with all life’s delight
Only to see a black dust
Around his little hut, the little park on the side
The houses nearby and the entire village!
He looks for his mother and others
Wandering around, shouting
“Is there anybody out there!”
Sobbing deeply, a while after, finally
He sees the soft hand of hers
Out of the rubble reaching for the sky.
Squatting down resting her palm on his knees
Gently, he keeps his cheek on it.
He is all alone now!
The emptiness in him slowly grows
Inhaling his heart, his thoughts, his emotions
Taking his entire body into the land of darkness.
Out of nowhere his mind gets into the heart of mine
Leaving me experience him as a whole
As I listen to those tunes, I experience
His pain of loneliness!
The tunes of “Is there anybody out there!”


Living in melancholy!

His heart throbs with pain,
As he walks down the lane.
He cries within himself, in silence
An awkward emptiness grips his every sense.
A strange melancholy follows his ears,
Cold breeze chills down his cheeks through tears.
While he treads, dry leaves, fallen twigs
Mighty little ants marching over pebbles – and
Every small speck on the road, carefully he could see.
He kneels down on a huge rock, reaching for the sea.
The beautiful sunset turns the water gold
Withdrawing its rays from earth’s every fold.
Darkness engulfs him and his limbs numb.
And gently a sea-bird with its beak touches his thumb.
He then turns, realizes where he is.
He bends down having lost all his bliss.
Leaving his chin, his tears float away
With the wind across the waves that sway.
After learning about his brother whom he avenged
For killing his parents and his entire clan,
Knowing the truth he becomes enraged,
As all of it were village heads master plan.
The truth is, “his brother was ordered to massacre
Else they would do so, with a war of extra torture
Being helpless, his brother took the soul of the dear ones
Without a word, doing it all at once!
But his brother couldn’t kill dear him!”
Slowly, he looks up the dark sky
Now the shimmering stars seem to dim
In between the black clouds passing nearby.
He then turns
As he walks back, his heart throbs
Again and again with pain!
Those melancholy in his heart regain
Since he killed his dear brother
Unaware of the nasty conspire.
The tears make his cheeks go chill
And yes, he is crying still!


Things around me are calm.
And I move across, feeling warm.
I nuzzle those little birds that are brown,
Sitting still on mangoes, ripened and well grown!
Those birds poke gently on my lips
And into my mouth, they taste like salty chips.
Astoundingly, raging pleasure arise within,
Making me forget the place I stay in.
All I need now is a deep breath,
As it can take me to inner zenith.
A thousands snakes grip me tight,
Engulfing my body, making me delight.
I look above and I see her face,
Filled with all earthly charms that embrace.
I taste her lips that are thin and delicate,
Making her my inexplicably wonderful mate.
Now she sings out of happiness mixed with sweet pain,
Oh! In those merry voice my childhood happiness come again!
Like a musician as he composes,
Like those dancing bees around roses,
I feel her. On her, like a child I play.
With my arms on her bulging buttocks, across I sway.
Oh! Now, we hear those symphony of bittersweet,
We dance naked enjoying each others heat.
As I open my eyes, all of a sudden she disappears,
A while after as I close, again she appears.
I question myself, I know I am scared,
Being puzzled if its good or bad.
She follows me when I go to school,
In class she makes me act like a fool.
I wonder how to live in this world of erotica?
Yet I drown in this mysterious river of exotica!

The trek we had

I know I’m asleep on my old bed in my room,
Feeling the warmth around, I hear a noisy auto’s boom.
My legs are almost numb and my ears are chill.
And I just get up sitting still.
Things around are different as I can see.
Having puzzled, I look for that one huge tree.
Its not here yet! I look through,
Turning around and around, yet no clue!
Trains of thoughts follow without a break.
Making me realize I am just back from a trek.
Those images of serene beauty comes across my eyes,
And I still remember how I was followed by hissing flies.
As my mind rap with me, with morning clock that chimes,
I remember those lines I wrote, those rhymes.
“Its about to sun rise.
And so we take the path of our choice.
Sure, the path shows us the meaning of steep,
Towards the forests that are thick and deep.
We as a crew count to six.
Haven’t got enough warmth from burning twigs,
We have spent a night in stinging cold,
That can’t be eliminated even with tonnes of gold.
And so tired are we, as we can feel.
Yet happy with romantic flowers that heal.
We walk across the little shrubs and gigantic trees,
Listening to merry morning ballet of the hissing honey bees.
Sure the path takes us miles across,
Making us breath the fresh air as we pass.
In the calm wind, like all those dreams I have,
I can hear none but myself saying a wow.
I see the sun between the ocean of leaves,
With golden rays emerging from its sleeves,
That glorifies the glorifying nature.
Making it a wonderful feast to savor!”

The joint adventure

A little bird, that’s just fledged
Suddenly gets its wings unfurled.
As it floats along in the air,
It feels itself lighter than a hair.
Among those little feathers, it moves
Like dancing in a ballet, with swings.
Am I in a romantic paradise?
Why do I roll like a spinning dice?
It questions, laughs and wonders.
The way I feel is similar.
While my aura gets warmer,
All the awkward emptiness in me disappear.
Its pitch dark around.
“Hey a thousand butterflies kissing my stomach?”
I say, to my pals sitting nearby.
“I know, I’m hungry too” one of them says.
So we start, to eat somewhere.
The streets I imagine, as
I read in the stories of Sherlock Holmes,
Reappear across the path.
Is this any magical spell’s aftermath?
Crickets chirp with certain beat,
Sounded like those symphony of bittersweet.
Ah! Here we are, all ready to eat.
To savor the half baked rice,
That are partially fried.
Sure it comes with certain price,
With a mixture of veggies nicely tried!
The smell of it moves across the wind,
Makes the tip of my nose to extend.
What kind of food I have?
I never used to care, but now
I know, I am a tasting connoisseur
While all my four instruments worked to the core,
Making their way for a fine orchestra,
My fifth one- it opened its every pore
And took a deep breath of the aura.
Making my merry mood complete!
I never know what happens after then.
I never really care for anything. But
I know that I am in a wonderful something!
It surely is wonderful something, amusing.
This joint adventure, with my friends.
This endless river called joyous,
Certainly poetic and sensuous!