Those toilets smell great eh?

Even toilets in India are getting westernized!

People love western asses and toilets.

Indeed, don’t they?

(No offence intended, but this is what is happening, once I came across someone who was proud of telling that they got western toilet at home.)


5 responses to “Those toilets smell great eh?

  1. Tattva, I do not have specific designs.. but you can get images from google. Search Indian toilets!

  2. Hi

    If you refer to this. The Indian toilets(assumed as nobody knows for fact where the design came from..) It has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to people to decide what they would like to use. If you tell people that they should use only one type of toilet just because it is Indian, which was developed long time back.. then we will never reach the perfect designs for toilets.

    The development of anything should always be open to new ways of thinking and designs. If we have already fixed the solution(Indian toilet) in mind then it is not fair to the design philosophy.
    Supporter of Open minds and discussions based on logic and reasoning and not by emotions alone.


  3. And another thing you should publish all comments to make this an open discussions. If not it is just like pushing your ideas and not allowing people to think.
    Supporter of Open minds and discussions based on logic and reasoning and not by emotions alone.


  4. Thanks for the info.. I deleted by mistake.. If I had done it intentionally I wouldn’t have replied.

    I never advised ppl to use only a particular type of toilet or whatever.. I am expressing my opinions that is all, also it may or may not be medically effective (etc..).

    I do respect others thoughts and feelings and I would like to express my lines as well. I am not going to gain anything by pushing, its upto the readers to either ponder over or discard!

  5. And for godsake, the passage is not about toilets and its advantages!

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