When tears wet my beard…

After the school hours, she and I
Went to a road bounded by woods nearby.
There was no sign of buzzing civilians.
And the captivating company made me feel like an avian.
Like a rising sun right in front,
We saw a fluttering butterfly.
After which like a huge ocean wave
She smiled with a blush!
I can see watered desert rose
on her crestless moon face.
My eyes got perched on it and
I turned into a newborn lamb.
Having attained the peak of happiness
I closed my eyes breathing out the cold breeze.
After a long time I opened my eyes.
And I saw nothing but-
But the same smile of hers framed and hanged
Below which a pair of candles and a bunch of flowers placed.


One response to “When tears wet my beard…

  1. good good …..hw cum u tryin such poetries????cool thoughts…keep going!!!

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