Monthly Archives: August 2008

When tears wet my beard…

After the school hours, she and I
Went to a road bounded by woods nearby.
There was no sign of buzzing civilians.
And the captivating company made me feel like an avian.
Like a rising sun right in front,
We saw a fluttering butterfly.
After which like a huge ocean wave
She smiled with a blush!
I can see watered desert rose
on her crestless moon face.
My eyes got perched on it and
I turned into a newborn lamb.
Having attained the peak of happiness
I closed my eyes breathing out the cold breeze.
After a long time I opened my eyes.
And I saw nothing but-
But the same smile of hers framed and hanged
Below which a pair of candles and a bunch of flowers placed.


Switzerland of the east is burning… you know?

Yes. I wish… I marry a muslim girl.

(Switzerland of the east here refers to J&K, its burning cos of Hindu-Muslim riots. And marriage is like a permanent bond, that brings two souls together for lifetime. I got influenced by the film Bombay btw :))

Language and Prestige. Are they different?

English is just a language. Not Prestige. According to me both are different.

And those who don’t realize this are ass heads. Thats what my “mind” thinks of those so called “prestigious heads”.

2 kinds of men, who want to go to US and those who don’t???

This I found in

“Welcome to the ROTGAD (Realization of the great American Dream)”

Guys, for godsake, US is not the only country that does research there are countries elsewhere that do the same, actually better research is going on than those so called “Great American” Universities. Its only a cheap propaganda by the US government.

In a way I feel embarrased noticing this quote in the Nittians Blogsite. I gave GRE twice and have a decent score to get a decent lot of Univs but now I realize that it was only a hype that existed in our campus, that time I was not aware many other places that are good in reasearch. You can refer to this book called “Introduction to Microsystems for Mechanical Engineers” there you can discover many research plots, it is also mentioned that Germany is 10 yrs ahead in research when compared to US. US, ofcourse is a good place but not the only place!

You guys really know what American dreams are? Well, according to me, “Sell a product at any cost and make ENORMOUS profit!”.