just one life, so why bother about others?

I didn’t know what to do; the power in our hostel just went away. Lighting a pair of candles and having a mirror on the table I took my seat, sitting next to it. That was when my friend entered with a ‘Hello’.

him: Whats up? What you planning for the weekend?

Me: Nothing much planning to go for some movie and just chill out… have fun

him: Oh! Aren’t you going to the school nearby to take special weekend classes?

Me: Ahh! No….

him: Why?

Me: C’mon! Weekend is the only time I’ll be free and I just wanna enjoy..

him: just think for a while is it not your responsibility to help the less privileged people?

Me: What you talking about?

him: you are not living a life but a gift! You are given something so that you will share it among the crowd and that is why you are here.

Me: oh man, Anyways I’ve just one life and I am gonna live it to the fullest, all myself.. Life is to enjoy! Where did the responsibilities come in?

him: hmmm just one life eh? This thought made this world worse… there is a life after death, it’s the second part. You can find it comfortable only by living in the lives of thousands. You are here enjoying all these comforts just because someone somewhere had shared it. Just think if your parents thought it the same way and made you study in one of those schools of lesser facilities … Well! You can make the life’s second part sweeter only by taking responsibility in your living part of life!

Me: Is that true? Is there an account?

him: gosh! You people will help others only if you have an account or what? Don’t you feel ashamed for asking this?

Me: aah? I’m sorry …

In the darkness, looking at the burning candles, I thought for a while and realized his words. His words really pricked me out. “Hey! Power has come” shouted my friends, after which “him” from the mirror disappeared. The room was bright everywhere and my sight went glassy for sometime but a while after everything was clear.


2 responses to “just one life, so why bother about others?

  1. again nice one 🙂

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